Agent Proposals Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is LocalAgentFinder?

A. A simple and free way for Vendors and Landlords to research Estate Agents genuine quotes from market-leading local Agencies. Founded in Australia in 2007, LocalAgentFinder have recently launched in the UK. We handle thousands of properties globally each month.

The process is simple, you just create an Agency Proposal Template, and we share it with any Vendors or Landlords that match your requirements when they register with us.

It’s free for both Homeowners and Agents to participate in the LocalAgentFinder comparison process. If an introduction made on LocalAgentFinder leads to a successful sale or let, then agents pay a Service Fee which funds the system. 

For agents, LocalAgentFinder provides an effective way to find new listings. For Vendors and Landlords, it’s a stress-free and transparent way to compare and shortlist great Agents.

LocalAgentFinder Homeowners are serious about selling and letting, with 80% of properties reaching the market within 6 months of registration. Homeowners across the UK are using LocalAgentFinder to compare agent quotes. They’d love to see a quote from you too.

Q. I don’t always receive client phone numbers?

A.Our clients can choose how agents contact them. Either directly by phone (Call Request) OR by email after reviewing your Agency Proposal. You’ll receive instructions on both via email. In each scenario, the client is real, and waiting to hear from you. 80% of LocalAgentFinder properties reach the market within 6 months of registration.

Q. Do I need to provide a valuation?

A.Yes. We will provide you with a broad and largely inaccurate valuation when we provide client contact details. You’re job is to secure a valuation appointment by email or phone (only if the number has been provided).

Q. How long will it take to get the contact details of the property owner?

A.When your Agency Proposal is reviewed, contact details of the property owner are exchanged with you (except their phone number). We would recommend at this point that you follow-up with an email tailored to their property. You will be notified by email once they’ve decided to share their phone number with you.
With a "Call Request", all contact details are provided immediately including phone details.

Q. How much information should I submit in the Agency Proposal?

A.You are being compared against other local agents, so provide as much information as you feel will be valuable to the client. Too much information can be as harmful as too little. The best result is to complete all fields with succinct responses, designed to encourage the client to shortlist and contact you.

Q. Can I buy postcodes or pay extra to get "Call Requests"?

A.No – Agents will be awarded "Call Requests" based your history of being shortlisted, and listing properties from LocalAgentFinder clients.

Q. How many Agencies receive the opportunity?

A.We try to gather enough quotes to make the client comfortable enough to shortlist and engage an Agency. Generally, this is 3-5 agencies.

Q. Do I need to lower fees to win business through LocalAgentFinder?

A.LocalAgentFinder clients will be better informed about local Agency fees than most prospects, but that doesn’t mean they are looking for the cheapest. In fact, our clients rarely choose the cheapest Agency. The best strategy is just to put in your typical fees and be ready to justify them.

Q. Is each opportunity unique?

A.Yes. You may receive more than one opportunity in a short time frame. If you want to double-check, just look for the Property ID in the email subject.

Q. Why have I received a lead for a property outside my service area?

A.This occurs if we feel there aren’t enough quality local agents to fulfil our clients’ request. If you don’t feel you can service it, please feel free to ignore this one. If you can service it, then you’ll be in the hot seat with little competition!

Q. When should I expect to hear from the homeowner?

A.As an Agent, you’ll know that homeowners move at their own pace. For many of our clients this is the biggest financial transaction of their lives. Most will respond quite quickly, but if they don’t rest assured that we are working to encourage them to invite you for a further contact and a valuation. We ask that you try to respect the clients privacy through this process.

Q. What is the Service Fee payable to LocalAgentFinder if I am successful?

A.Sale = 0.3% of the final sale price.
Let only= 2% of annual rent including subsequent tenancy renewals or re-letting.
Let & Manage= 3% of annual rent on signing, PLUS Annual Payment of 2% of rent, due on the first and subsequent anniversary of the management contract for as long as the property is under management.
LocalAgentFinder is based in Australia, as such VAT does not currently apply to these Fees.

Q. How do I alert LocalAgentFinder when I have secured a successful listing?

A.We’ll send you emails containing simple one-click links to follow. We’ve also provided clear buttons within your online account. If you don’t keep us updated on successful listings or transactions we will add tracking fees to the final invoice of £100 for each of the listing and transaction.

If you prefer the personal touch, we’d love to hear from you. 
Here are our details: 
Phone: 0207 193 7113